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Get involved with First Call! Everyone can play a role in putting children and youth first in BC. Individuals, families, community organizations, businesses and governments all have a responsibility to contribute to this effort. Therefore, please join us today.



Your support will ensure that we can continue our important public education, community mobilization and public policy advocacy efforts to ensure that BC puts children and youth first.






From event support to long-term volunteering. So, sign up to hear about upcoming opportunities with First Call.



Take Action


Community mobilization is an important part of First Call’s work. Therefore, we encourage you to participate in our current public policy campaigns and explore other ways raise your voice for BC’s children and youth.



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If you are a British Columbian organization who believes in putting children and youth first, we invite you to join the First Call coalition.



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Public education is a key component of First Call’s work to put children and youth first.



Meetings and Events


We’d love to have you participate in upcoming First Call meetings and events. Get involved with First Call!