About us

We believe in putting children and youth first.

First Call Child and Youth Advocacy Society (First Call) is a registered charity in British Columbia whose purpose is to create greater understanding of and advocacy for legislation, policy, and practice so that all children and youth have the rights, opportunities and resources required to thrive. In our work we:

  • Raise the public profile of child and youth issues through public education and the dissemination of research,
  • Advocate on public policy issues in order to have resources allocated for the benefit of children and youth,
  • Recognize the value of involving children and youth in decision-making processes, and
  • Mobilize local and provincial support for children and youth.

Our work is informed by the 4 Keys to Success for Children and Youth.

Our Vision

BC’s children and youth have the rights, opportunities and resources required to thrive.

Our Mission

To put BC’s children and youth first through public education, community mobilization and public policy advocacy.

How we work

We conduct research and analysis on child and youth rights and well-being, offer education and training events, and make policy recommendations to promote, strengthen and defend the rights of children and youth in BC.

First Call holds monthly meetings featuring presentations on emerging child rights issues. Together, we share information, provide our members with tools and resources and advocate collectively for BC’s children and youth.

Join us

If you are a British Columbia-based organization that believes in putting children and youth first, we invite you to join us by becoming an affiliate. For more information, please email us at info@firstcallbc.org


We invite you to support our work by becoming a monthly donor to our fund. Your donations are tax deductible.

Click here to make a tax deductible donation to our fund at the Vancouver Foundation.

What People Say

“We depend on several reports, including First Call’s annual Child Poverty Report to provide accurate, up-to-date information to our congregation. Thank you First Call, for years of hard, dedicated work advocating for BC children and their families.”

Joanna Rainer, Vernon

“We really appreciate and value First Call’s fantastic Election Toolkits. We used the Early Childhood section as a guidelines for our questions to candidates in the Central Okanagan.”

Eve Layman, Community Support Coordinator, Community Action Toward Children’s Health