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Ask him to take action on child poverty in BC!

The Context

Every year, First Call releases a Child Poverty Report Card for BC, which includes a list of concrete Recommendations that would make a real difference to the size and depth of BC’s child and family poverty crisis. We know that British Columbians agree that it is inexcusable that 1 in 5 BC children are poor, and we invite you to email Premier Horgan asking him to act on the Recommendations in the 2019 BC Child Poverty Report Card.

Take Action

    Subject: Premier Horgan: Take Action on Child Poverty!


    Dear Premier Horgan,
    (cc'ed to Andrew Wilkinson, leader of the official opposition)

    I am writing to you today to express my support for the recommendations outlined in the 2019 BC Child Poverty Report Card published by First Call: BC Child and Youth Advocacy Coalition, and to urge you to adopt them.

    It is unacceptable that in a province as wealthy as ours, one out of every five children is living in poverty. In 2020, governments cannot claim to be ignorant of the abundant evidence of the harm done to children’s health and development by growing up in poverty, nor of the huge additional costs in health care, education, the justice system and lost productivity we are already paying by keeping poverty rates so high.

    First Call’s overarching recommendation is for BC to adopt a comprehensive poverty reduction plan with legislated targets and timelines and a cabinet minister with the authority and responsibility to ensure government is achieving its targets on time. They recommend that the plan contain a goal to reduce BC’s child poverty rate to 7% or lower by 2020.

    Child poverty is not inevitable, if the provincial government implemented the recommendations outlined in the Report Card, a dramatic reduction in child and family poverty in BC is possible.

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