Working for a Living Wage: Ensuring Paid Work Meets Basic Family Needs in Vancouver and Victoria – 2008

September 2008

By Tim Richards, Marcy Cohen, Seth Klein and Deborah Littman

Working for a Living Wage is the original full report co-published by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, First Call: BC Child and Youth Advocacy Coalition and the Community Social Planning Council of Greater Victoria.

Focused on Greater Vancouver and Victoria, this report outlines the rationale and principles behind regional living wage standards, the significant benefits for both employees and employers and key successes noted by jurisdictions throughout the UK and U.S. where living wage standards are in place.

The living wage is one of the most powerful tools available to address our troubling state of poverty amid plenty in BC. It allows us to get serious about reducing child poverty, and ensures that families who are working hard get what they deserve – a fair shake, and a life that’s about more than a constant struggle to get by.

The living wage is a call to private and public sector employers to pay wages to both direct and contract employees sufficient to provide the basics to families with children.