Letters and Submissions

VIU and First Call Submission to BC Poverty Reduction Consultation

Alumni of care at the Vancouver Island University Tuition Waiver program, in partnership with First Call: BC Child and Youth Advocacy Coalition, submitted to the BC Poverty Reduction Consultation. The series of recommendations was pulled from a consultation meeting with alumni of care who had suggestions around poverty policy.

The submission outlines the issues areas of housing, Agreements with Young Adults (AYA) program, better communication of existing resources, and care is disempowering.

The group identified five priorities:

  1. The AYA program should be guaranteed to all youth leaving care and participation should be assumed unless youth opt-out.
  2. Resources need to be low-barrier.
  3. Youth in transition need more life skills to be independent after care.
  4. Youth need a consistent cultural identity connection.
  5. Tuition waivers should have their age limit removed, time-in-care requirement reduced, and be available for more than just a first degree.

“Being a youth in care is about survival”