Letters and Submissions

Supporting youth ‘aging out’ of care in British Columbia: Recommendations for change and extended support

On October 24, 2017, a group of more than 60 youth from foster care rallied outside the BC Legislature to call for changes to the provincial foster care system. Earlier that day, several of these youth leaders presented a policy brief that features their key recommendations and expected next steps, produced in partnership with First Call and the Vancouver Foundation’s Fostering Change initiative.

Youth in and from care have little to no political voice. Yet, youth in and from care know how to improve the policies and programs to make the biggest difference in their lives. It is important to consider youth with care experience as valuable experts and contributors to social policy, so that we can produce policies that work and are cost-efficient. The concerned ministries should commit to engaging and collaborating with youth in and from care to develop policies and programs that are reflective of their current realities and array of needs.

Read the full policy brief.