Letters and Submissions

Submission to Select Standing Committee On Finance and Government Services

In this year’s BC budget submission, First Call highlights five recommendations from our 2018 Child Poverty Report Card starting with important targeted poverty reduction measures for families living in deep poverty.

Key Recommendations

1. Increase income supports for families living in deep poverty
2. Invest in early childhood
3. Ensure K-12 public education funding is sufficient to mitigate inequalities and support inclusion
4. Improve supports for youth in and aging out of care and kinship caregivers
5. Ensure free access to public transit for minors and low-income families

In developing the province’s budget, we urge government to uphold our commitments to improving all children’s well-being and ensuring we do no harm to them through unintentional consequences of budget decisions.

We know that healthy, well-supported children and youth are more likely to become the engaged contributing citizens that are essential for creating a healthy, sustainable society.