Report on Single Parents, Welfare and Work: SPARC BC, First Call, SFU and Single Mothers’ Alliance Call for Change

January 2016

Navigating British Columbia’s social assistance system can be challenging. This report, Walking the Line to Put Their Families First: Lone Mothers Navigating Welfare and Work in British Columbia, shares the stories and experiences of single-parent families and the struggles they face in meeting their everyday needs.

Income assistance rates in British Columbia have not increased since 2007, which means that single parents and their children who rely on this form of assistance continue to fall further behind as the cost of housing and other basic essentials continue to increase.

The report highlights the need for the government to re-visit many of the policy changes that were introduced in early 2001 and that robbed families and children of the chance to realize their full potential.

While the provincial government has made small incremental changes at the policy level since that time, there is still the need to look at the policies and the choices made to ensure that all families have the support that they need to give their children the best possible start in life.

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