Letters and Submissions

Premier John Horgan – Response to Youth Policy Solutions Day Policy Memorandum

In April 2018, Premier John Horgan sent a thoughtful response to the policy memorandum that was developed at the Youth Policy Solutions Day that First Call co-hosted with Vancouver Foundation’s Fostering Change in October 2017. His letter outlines actions that the government has implemented since July 2017 and clearly outlines future steps to address additional recommendations made in the policy memorandum.

We thank Premier Horgan for the response and for hearing the voices of youth from care across BC. We are indeed optimistic about the genuine commitment to address inequities for youth in and from care, especially the inclusion of multiple ministries working together in collaboration. The letter reiterates the direction in the mandate letter that Minister of Children and Family Development Katrine Conroy received from the Premier – that new policy benefits the lives of all youth in and from care, and not just a few. We look forward to collaborating with the Province on their new commitment to an action plan created by a Cross-Ministry working group.

“I commit to expand and improve supports to youth transitioning from care through the development of an action plan to be created by the Cross-Ministry working group.” – Premier John Horgan

In response to this letter, we’ve launched a public petition on FosteringChange.ca. Please sign and forward to your networks here.