Letters and Submissions

National Policy for Affordable Housing Key to Reducing Poverty

July 2013

First Call endorsed this letter sent by the Dignity for All Campaign to the premiers attending the Council of the Federation meeting in July 2013, asking that they put adequate, affordable housing at the top of their agenda.

Canadians pay $7 billion a year for the 200,000 left homeless in this country each year (per the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness), while housing costs continue to outpace income increases for the majority and the pool of rental housing shrinks. Yet some provinces, such as Alberta, have proven that a coordinated federal, provincial and municipal approach to housing helps reduces such housing costs and issues.

With up to $500 million in annual cuts to federal funding for affordable housing scheduled for 2014 to 2019, for a total of $1.7 billion, First Call urged Ontario Premier Wynne and all the other premiers to take steps to recommit to social housing, including the development of a national provincial housing plan.