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Minister Cadieux Responds to 2014’s Child Poverty Report Card

December 22, 2014

Minister Cadieux responded to 2014’s BC Child Poverty Report Card by outlining government’s two-pronged approach to child poverty: 1) job creation and 2) targeted support programs/services.

For example, Cadieux noted that government has increased BC’s minimum wage to $10.25/hour; lowered taxes by 37 per cent since 2001; provided $50,000 worth of child-care subsidies (a $135 million value in 2014); subsidized BC Medical Plan payments for 800,000 BC residents; spent nearly 4 billion on affordable housing since 2001; and provided additional subsidized programs/services for approximately 98,000 households.

Cadieux also noted that BC’s child poverty rate has declined by 41 per cent since 2003, and, though more could still be done (such as raising income assistance rates or supporting a $10 per-day child-care plan), such efforts are “simply not feasible in [the] current economic climate” given government’s decision to “maintain a balanced budget” while providing supports and services to vulnerable British Columbians.