Letters and Submissions

Mayor Derek Corrigan and Lorraine Cunningham – Response to Joint Public Meeting on Transit

On June 20, 2018, Mayor Derek Corrigan, Chair, Mayors’ Council, and Lorraine Cunningham, Chair, TransLink Board of Directors, responded to First Call’s presentation to the Joint Public Meeting of the Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation and TransLink’s Board of Directors.

They expressed appreciation for First Call’s presentation and follow-up letter and agreed that good quality, affordable transit is important for the health, safety, and well-being of young people and low-income families, as it is for all residents.

They also agreed that more could be done to make mobility more affordable for those most in need. They encouraged First Call to contact the Province of BC to discuss these efforts.


“Given that TransLink’s mandate, expertise and revenues are designed to provide an efficient transportation system that is largely self-funded, action on these issues will be best led by the Province of BC.”


– Mayor Derek Corrigan and Lorraine Cunningham