Letters and Submissions

Letter to Minister Chen – ECD Roundtable Child Care Capital Follow-Up

On February 14, 2020, First Call sent a letter to Minister of State for Child Care, Honourable Katrina Chen. In the letter, we explain it was good to be able to openly discuss why this capital funding program is not working in the best interest of children and those who care for them.

We outline that, “we believe that by adopting the following two-part capital strategy you will see the results you seek:

  • Develop a provincial child care capital budget, separate from the MCFD operating budget, and organize the related operational processes required for effective implementation; and,
  • Continue your work with public partners to begin adding purpose-built, high quality, publicly-funded modular buildings for child care to public property.”

“We urge you and your government to make cost-effective use of public funds, reduce risks for the public, and increase accountability.”

– Adrienne Montani, Provincial Coordinator