Letters and Submissions

Letter to BC MLAs on 2018 BC Child Poverty Report Card

On Wednesday November 21, we emailed a letter to all BC Members of the Legislative Assembly with a copy of our 2018 BC Child Poverty Report Card.

In the letter, we note “We are disappointed to report that 20.3% (1 in 5) of BC’s children were living in poverty, using the most recent data from 2016. This represents 172,550 children. BC’s child poverty rate remains higher than the Canadian average of 19.6%. However, between 2015 and 2016, BC’s child poverty rate decreased slightly from 22% to 20.3%, representing 12,420 fewer children living in poverty.”

“Our coalition members are interested in responses from all parties and legislators to the facts, stories and recommendations in this report and look forward to working together to eliminate child, youth and family poverty in British Columbia.” – Adrienne Montani, Provincial Coordinator