Letters and Submissions

Fostering Change letter to Premier John Horgan

On June 26th 2020, Fostering Change organizers Susan and Anita wrote to the office of Premier John Horgan. The intent of the letter is to remind him of his previous commitments in supporting youth transitions.

The letter proposes:

  • Remove barriers including the age cap and minimum in-care time period for the Agreements with Young Adults and Tuition Waivers programs.
  • Guarantee equal access to start-up costs, including counselling, to help make the transition into adulthood a dignified experience.
  • Continue the expansion of the “Temporary Life Skills program” changes that make Life Skills now accessible to youth in and from care. It meets youth where they are at, not where society thinks they should be.
  • Implement a universal bundle of support so all youth from care can pursue educational, training, therapeutic or life skills programs.