Letters and Submissions

First Call’s Submission to Federal Budget Consultation Focuses on Reducing Child Poverty

On August 3, First Call participated in the federal government’s Pre-Budget Consultations in Advance of the 2019 Budget with a submission that made recommendations in three key areas:

Tax Fairness and Income Support

Leveling the playing field for Canada’s children and youth is one of the best investments government can make to ensure they thrive and become full participants in society and the economy. Inequality reduces social mobility, undermining the promise of a fair society and increasing social alienation for those left behind.

Targeted Initiatives for Groups Over-Represented in Poverty Data

Data tells us that some groups are disproportionately represented in poor households. In many cases, government systems present barriers and exclude families and their children from both contributing to and benefiting from Canada’s economy.

Lower Barriers and Improve Lives Through Universal Programs

Reducing poverty is about enough income but it’s also about affordable, low-barrier access to basic services including child care, education, transportation, employment programs and health care. A competitive economy requires a work force that is healthy, educated and securely housed.

Read our submission here (PDF)