Letters and Submissions

First Call submission to the BC Fair Wages Commission consultation

As part of consultations held over November and December 2017, First Call made a submission to the BC Fair Wages Commission, demonstrating why BC urgently needs a minimum wage in line with the current cost of living and the social costs of keeping wages in BC unacceptably low, as well as specific policy solutions needed to keep young families from falling through the cracks:

To avoid the mistakes of the past, with long periods of time where the lowest paid workers received no increases despite the rising cost of living, we recommend the provincial government establish a permanent independent Fair or Living Wages Commission charged with regularly reviewing the adequacy of the minimum wage in relation to the poverty line for a single person, using either the Low Income Measure (LIM) or the Market Basket Measure (MBM). In these regular reviews, the Commission should also consider the adequacy of the minimum wage for families raising children, including lone-parent families, taking into account the available government transfers and supports for families with children at that time.

Merely indexing the minimum wage to the Consumer Price Index would be inadequate due to the way increases in essential living expenses are known to outpace the index.