Letters and Submissions

First Call Submission to National Consultation on a Human Rights-Based Approach to Housing

This spring the Government of Canada invited responses to a proposed new framework for a human rights-based approach to housing.

First Call’s submission recommended the federal government focus on four areas of action:

  1. ensure access to safe and affordable housing for children and youth who live in households struggling with poverty;
  2. ensure access to safe and affordable housing and support services for youth in or aging out of government care;
  3. include the voices of children, youth, their families and communities in government-led processes undertaken to assist them; and
  4. ensure CMHC is properly mandated and resourced to successfully develop housing to better meet the needs of low-income families, children and youth.

As a Campaign 2000 partner, we also endorse and support their submission to this call for feedback.  The consultation process closed on June 8th and government is promising to post submissions received over the next few weeks.