Letters and Submissions

First Call response letter to Minister of Health Adrian Dix regarding outdoor play space requirements

On November 2 2017, First Call sent Minister Dix a letter asking for more details about this change from his ministry, and for the minimum outdoor play space per child to be increased.

Sue Bedford, Director of Community Care Facility Licensing and Assisted Living Registry, responded on Minister Dix’s behalf on October 31, 2017, explaining that “The 2016 Child Care Licensing Regulation amendments were made in consultation with the Ministry of Children and Family Development, in response to concerns about the high cost of real estate in British Columbia, and the negative impact that this has on creating additional affordable child day care spaces.”

We have since sent a letter to Minister Dix on behalf of our Early Childhood Development Roundtable.

“Our Roundtable participants asked me to write to you again on their behalf to challenge the use of this economic rationale for maintaining this amendment, as it flies in the face of the evidence about the importance of outdoor play to the health of young children.” – Adrienne Montani