Letters and Submissions

First Call Presentation to the Joint Public Meeting on Transit

On May 24, 2018, First Call presented to the Joint Public Meeting of the Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation and TransLink’s Board of Directors. First Call’s comments added to those from a delegation of speakers including the Single Mothers’ Alliance of BC and the TripEd Campaign.

First Call drew attention to Recommendation #20 from First Call’s 2017 Child Poverty Report Card:

The provincial government should work with local governments and transit authorities to develop a plan that will provide free public transit for minors (ages 0-18).

In addition, we recommended:

  • free or reduced transit for all low-income people regardless of their demographic profile;
  • stop fining minors for fare evasion; and
  • look at the potential negative implications of distance-pricing on low income households.

“We need a fair transit fare structure to ensure no low-income parent, child or youth misses a doctor’s appointment, a day at school or a visit to the community centre because public transportation is unaffordable.”

– Helesia Luke, Communications and Development Coordinator at First Call