Letters and Submissions

First Call 2018 Provincial Budget Submission: Respecting Child & Youth Rights with Timely Investments


First Call has submitted a written brief, Respecting Child & Youth Rights with Timely Investmentsto the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services as part of their public consultation to prepare British Columbia’s 2018 budget.

Each fall, the Committee drafts recommendations for the provincial budget based on the input given by groups like First Call. Our 2017 provincial budget submission can be found here and previous submissions here.

The recommendations made in First Call’s 2018 budget submission address Early Childhood Investments, measures we want built into the upcoming poverty reduction plan, ways to strengthen and improve BC’s child welfare system, and where funding should be prioritized at the K-12 and post-secondary level.

Today’s children will not get a second chance at childhood. Supporting healthy child development and preventing harm to children and youth are therefore urgent responsibilities requiring our attention in every budget and every policy decision.


Our coalition members are looking forward to supporting government efforts to make upstream investments that will dramatically reduce the preventable risks and vulnerabilities currently affecting too many children and youth in B.C. and help all young people to reach their full potential. These investments will reduce the escalating costs of doing too little and demonstrate to all children that we respect their rights to provision, protection and participation, as promised in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.