First Call 2017 BC Child Poverty Executive Summary

Each year First Call publishes a BC Child Poverty Report Card, analyzing the latest federal and provincial data to accurately portray the extent of child and family poverty in our province.

In 2017, using the most recent available data, we found that 153,300, or 1 in 5, BC children are growing up in poverty—half in lone-parent families, most of them female-led.

This shameful situation is a result of growing income inequality in BC and across Canada. It reflects a tax system that for decades has allowed the massive accumulation of wealth in the hands of fewer individuals, while thousands of children and youth are deprived of the security, supports and opportunities they need to thrive.

First Call has published a 4-page summary of our 2017 BC Child Poverty Report Card, to guide you through the key stats and figures that illustrate the depth and severity of poverty BC’s children and families face, and lists specific actions government can take to reduce child poverty today—and how you can help!