Letters and Submissions

Child Employment in BC – Letter to BC MLAs

On July 23rd,  First Call sent a package to all BC MLAs to request they support legislative and regulatory changes in BC’s next legislative session to better protect BC’s children and youth from exploitation and injury doing jobs meant for adults.

We called on the need for a gradual, safety-focused approach to work entry that protects the health and wellbeing of children and youth and supports them to focus on education.

The letter asked the MLAs to champion these changes within their caucus and to join our call for new legislation in the fall sitting. First Call has been working on this issue for well over a decade and we’re prepared with recommendations for a sensible legislative and regulatory framework.

The letter outlines what we know, what we need, and outlines our 5 key recommendations.

“It’s time to modernize provincial employment standards and recognize the vulnerabilities of children and adolescents. Twelve is too young to work at jobs meant for adults.

– Adrienne Montani, Provincial Coordinator