Letters and Submissions

BC Employment Standards Act Submission

On March 31, 2019, First Call submitted a letter to Minister of Labour Harry Bains in response to his Ministry’s call for submissions to the Employment Standards Act – Consultation Paper.

Specifically, the letter responds to Theme 1 – Increasing protection of child workers:

For Input: What is your view on increasing protections for child workers? Should government categorize some work as hazardous/unsuitable for children?

First Call: BC Child and Youth Advocacy Coalition has been calling for improvements to the Employment Standards Act to better protect children and youth for over fifteen years.

Our research has led us to recommend modernizing the legislative and regulatory framework to raise the general work start age to 16, prohibit tasks that are leading to injuries, and prohibit those under eighteen from working on potentially hazardous work sites. Data about worksites and tasks commonly associated with injuries are well documented by WorkSafeBC.

Email attachments:
First Call and Partners Open Letter to Minister Bains (submitted February 8, 2019)
First Call Child Employment Standards Policy Recommendations (submitted August 31, 2018)
Public Opinion Survey Commissioned by First Call: Mustel Group Survey Report (June 2018)
First Call’s Freedom of Information Request: WorkSafeBC Data Tables on Under 15 Accepted Injury Claims(April 2018)

“It’s time toFirst Call Submission to Ministry of Labour March_31_19 modernize provincial employment standards and recognize the vulnerabilities of children and adolescents. Twelve is too young to work at jobs meant for adults.” – Helesia Luke, Communications and Development Coordinator