As Word Spreads Episode 5: All my kids in care

For this episode, our three Indigenous youth hosts talk about the issues that matter to them on this National Aboriginal Day.

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Terms, people and projects mentioned in this episode
Fostering Change initiative: A campaign run by the Vancouver Foundation to make the transition youth in foster care at 19 (often directly into homelessness) more successful (
Support the 700 petition: A petition by Fostering Change asking candidates in the 2017 provincial election to commit to supporting youth in government care (
Collective Impact: A group of youth and adults working collectively to improve foster care in BC, organized through McCreary Centre Society
Connect to Thrive: A program to give youth aging out of foster care at 19 a ‘care package’ of pots, pans and other household items to make that transition easier
MCFD: Ministry of Children and Family Development, the BC government ministry responsible for youth in foster care and other types of government care (
Youth in care: BC children and teens living in government care, such as group homes and foster families
Kanata festival: June 19-July 1, 2017, downtown Vancouver (
Kamloopa: A cultural festival for Indigenous youth and families held each year in Kamloops (
Housing First: A program that aims to reduce homelessness for youth aging out of foster care (
Mestiza: Mixed Indigenous ancestry (
Gitxsan: Skeena County Indigenous (
Stephanie Cadieux, BC’s Minister of Child and Family Development (2012-present)
Intergenerational trauma: the idea that pain and other effects of trauma are passed down from generation to generation because healing takes time
Kinship care: A system of care in which, typically, grandparents raise a child removed from their parents (
Jordan’s Principle: The legal requirement that all Canadian children be given equal access to all public services (
Cindy Blackstock: Human rights activist and executive director of the First Nations Caring Society (
Reconciliation: A process of restoring mutual respect between cultures, and acknowledging and remedying Canada’s history of colonialism and its impact on Indigenous people
UNYA: Urban Native Youth Association (
YAC: Youth Advisory Council (
Views expressed in this podcast belong to individuals themselves, and do not necessarily represent positions held by First Call: BC Child and Youth Advocacy Coalition or its member organizations.
This episode was recorded on the unceded territory of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh people. Thank you to the staff at the VPL Inspiration Lab, and hosts of this episode of As Word Spreads: Shae, Jess Boon and Chris Tait.
This episode features:
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