As Word Spreads Episode 2: Struggles every foster kid will understand

Episode 2: Struggles every foster kid will understand (19 mins)

There are a lot of complicated relationships in the life of every foster kid. In this episode, our hosts break some of those down into their different types:

1. Stable relationships: when you constantly move from home to home, who can you really trust?
2. Social workers: when your overburdened social worker is your only stable relationship, where do you get the healthy amount of support you need?
3. Not feeling wanted: adoptive and foster families don’t always like the youth placed in their homes, so what’s a foster kid to do?
4. Families that don’t fit: when a bad placement isn’t your fault, but rather problems with the adoptive or foster parents or their kids.
5. Their kid vs. the foster kid: in a lot of foster homes, parents give preferential treatment to their biological kids.
6. Religion: sometimes each foster home comes with a new religion, and sometimes you have to pray or go to church whether you want to or not!
7. Support for youth in care: your homes, families and towns may change, but your needs stay with you, and constantly having to find support is tough.
8. Aging out: being forced to move out at 19 with no family support is TERRIFYING, and the reason so many foster kids go straight to homelessness.
9. We ran out of struggle! What struggles would you add from your own life?