Election Toolkits

2017 Provincial Election Toolkit

First Call’s toolkit* for the provincial election on May 9, 2017, is a resource to support our coalition member organizations and all individuals and community groups in their advocacy for legislation, policy and real change that benefits BC children and youth and their families.

The First Call 2017 Provincial Election Toolkit is structured around the 4 Keys to Success for Children and Youth, and draws on research and input from the coalition’s member organizations. A text-only version of the First Call 2017 provincial election toolkit can be found here.

Each section highlights some of the current issues facing children, youth and families in BC and suggests solutions government can act on, in the form of questions to candidates. Please feel free to share and use the text, and ask questions of the candidates in your area.

First Call sent questions from the toolkit to all major parties, and published their responses here on April 28, 2017. Read these before you vote!

Some First Call coalition members have published their own election toolkits, which we’ve gathered here in a list we’ll continue to update as the election approaches.

The Living Wage for Families Campaign has also created a new campaign website for the election, Good Jobs BC, where the call is made for the BC government to become a Living Wage Employer.

*First Call is grateful for the financial support provided by the Vancouver Foundation in production of the 2017 Provincial Election Toolkit. Thank you!