Election Toolkits

2013 Provincial Election Toolkit

May 2013

First Call’s provincial election toolkit is meant to support individuals and community groups in their advocacy for legislation, policy and practice that benefit children and youth and their families in the lead up to the May 14, 2013, provincial election.

The toolkit is structured around the 4 Keys to Success. Each section highlights some of the current issues facing children, youth and families in BC and suggests solutions government can act on, in the form of questions to candidates. We have also included information on how to vote, information about the parties running in the election, and information about where to find the money for children and youth.

You can see the toolkit in blog format, along with additional links to media articles and additional election resources.

Provincial Party Responses to First Call Questionnaire

In the lead up to the May 14, 2013, provincial election, First Call sent questionnaires to all four of the major political parties in BC on a range of issues that related to the 4 Keys to Success for Children and Youth: 1. A Strong Commitment to Early Childhood Development, 2. Support in Transitions from Childhood to Youth to Adulthood, 3. Increased Economic Equality and 4. Safe and Caring Communities.

We have included the parties’ responses in their entirety; however we have bolded the sections that were most relevant to the question asked. We did not receive a reply from the Conservative Party.

See the responses to questions on all four of the keys here