Election Toolkits

2011 Federal Election Toolkit

The federal election toolkit is a tool for individuals and communities to promote child and youth rights in the May 2, 2011, election. Organized around First Call’s 4 Keys to Success for Children and Youth, the election kit:

  • identifies ways that advocates (this means you!) can engage with candidates and learn more about issues that are important to their community
  • provides facts about child and youth issues affected by federal government policy and decisions and why they are important
  • identifies key areas of federal government responsibility to children, youth and families
  • offers sample questions that can be asked at all candidates meetings, in the media or via email correspondence with candidates
  • provides great links to more resources and advocacy information

Remember that advocacy is too important to leave for others to do alone! We’d be happy to hear from you about how you’re using the federal election kit and about other advocacy efforts during the election campaign.