Publication Topics: Immigrant/Refugee

Letters and Submissions

2013 Federal Budget Submission: Supporting a Sustainable Society with Children in Mind

August 2012 This submission was First Call’s response to the federal Standing Committee on Finance’s online questionnaire regarding the 2013 federal budget. The questionnaire was narrowly focused on economic recovery/growth and job creation/productivity, among other challenges.

Letters and Submissions

2012 Federal Budget Submission: Invest More in Children

August 2011 First Call submitted three recommendations to the federal Standing Committee on Finance during pre-budget consultations on the 2012 federal budget: Place a high priority on increasing Canada’s annual investments in early childhood care and learning, from the current 0.25% of GDP to the recommended UNICEF benchmark of 1% MORE

Letters and Submissions

2011 Provincial Pre-Budget Submission

October 2010 First Call made this submission to the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services regarding the 2011 provincial budget. (Each fall, the Select Standing Committee holds province-wide public consultations on the next provincial budget, then drafts recommendations for the budget based on the input given.) First Call’s MORE