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Provincial Election Toolkit 2020

The purpose of this toolkit is to support individuals and community groups in their advocacy for legislation, policy and practice that benefit children and youth and their families in the lead-up to the 2020 provincial election. First Call member organizations with expertise in different areas contributed many of the facts, MORE

Child Poverty Report Card

2020 BC Child Poverty Report Card Download the 2020 Child Report Card _________________________________________________________________________________ The Issue When one child lives in poverty it’s a tragedy. However, when one in every five children in BC are poor it’s a crisis. Research has long demonstrated that poverty is toxic to children’s health and MORE

Employment of Children and Youth in BC

Update – Advocacy Works! On April 29th, 2019 BC’s Minister of Labour introduced Bill 8 in the legislature that will amend the Employment Standards Act to provide better protections for children and adolescents who are working. This Bill modernizes BC’s employment laws and brings us into compliance with international standards, MORE

Fostering Change

  Visit the Fostering Change website.   The Issue Children and youth enter foster care at any given age, but in British Columbia all youth in the system must ‘age out’ at 19. When youth age out, the government services and supports they rely on in place of a family MORE

Corinne's Quest

Repeal Section 43

The Issue For many years First Call has been advocating for a repeal of section 43 of the Criminal Code of Canada. Section 43, also known as the “spanking law,” permits the use of force for disciplining children by parents and persons standing in the place of parents. It reads: MORE

Clawback victory image

End the Clawbacks

Policy victories: Clawing back the clawbacks First Call celebrated the BC government ending the clawback of child support from single parents on income and disability assistance. This reduced the depth of poverty for more than 5,400 BC children annually in September 2015. Another 50 to 100 children have benefited from MORE

ECD Call to Action

Early Years Call to Action

The Issue Early years is a crucial period of human growth. Yet, in BC, young children’s vulnerability rates have risen. Families in need of quality child care face a crisis of affordability and access. Wait times for support for children with special needs are unacceptable. Family support programming is fragile MORE

Living Wage Campaign

Living Wage for Families

Click here to visit the Living Wage for Families campaign website.   The Issue One of the key contributing factors to child poverty in BC is low-wage poverty. In fact, the majority of poor children in BC live in working poor families. Without living wage standards, parents and other caregivers MORE