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Working Income Tax Benefit relief for low-income families

The fall economic update also includes an increase to the federal Working Income Tax Benefit (WITB). For some time, policy advocates such as the Caledon Institute for Public Policy have suggested the WITB needs increased benefit levels and extended coverage.

Government will now enhance the WITB by $500 million annually starting in 2019, in addition to the increase of about $250 million annually that will come into effect in that year as part of the enhancement of the Canada Pension Plan. These two actions will increase benefits to current recipients and expand the number of Canadians receiving support.

WITB amounts differ in a number of provinces, including BC, and provinces and territories are allowed to make province-specific changes to the design of the benefit. Further details on the design of this new incremental enhancement will be released in federal Budget 2018.

Caledon Institute of Public Policy statement on the fall economic update here.