Virtual 19th Birthday Part for Former Youth in Care


Former youth in care and allies “19th Birthday Party” 

  • WHO: Youth from foster care, alumni of care, supporters and allies
  • WHAT: A celebration of the resilience of youth transitioning from government care
  • WHEN & WHERE: Saturday, August, 22nd – from 12 noon to 3pm.
    Over virtual platform “zoom” –
  • WHY: This public celebration of youth from care is organized to let the Government and public know that we care about the policies and legislation affecting youth in/from care, because every youth deserves to look forward to their 19th Birthday.

The Fostering Change Community Organizers (FCCOs) happily announce their annual event – the “19th Birthday Celebration”. Join us in celebrating with several allies, youth in care and youth leaders in the community! Rooted in advocacy, this event is meant to raise the profile of youth in care, and their needs during and after transitioning from the child welfare system. We celebrate primarily to focus on the triumphs achieved while transitioning from care at 19, and lift up calls to action to improve the child welfare system for all youth, not just some. Fostering Change is led by youth with ministry care experience who advocate for those who will age out into vulnerability. We know from our own experiences and that of our peers that the system fails so many youth from care every year. We’re ready to change that!

Detailed in the BC Coroners Service Death Review Panel, we know that youth leaving care are 5 times more likely to die early than their peers without care experience. We are the exceptions to that trend. There have been numerous accepted recommendations including providing universal support to youth after 19 – an ask Fostering Change has echoed for years. The October 2019 deadline for implementing the Coroner’s recommendation passed without change in transitional supports.  We’re tired of seeing deadlines come and go. We seek to ensure positive outcomes for all youth aging out of care.

As we build on previous celebrations in 2018, and 2019, join us for the 19th Birthday Celebration for activities such as baking mug cake, fun activities intended to build community, and listening to stories from youth that lift up the expertise they carry with them.

About Us:

Fostering Change is a peer-led advocacy campaign dedicated to improving outcomes for youth who’ve left the child welfare system through youth empowerment and community organizing. We stand for change by bringing difficult conversations to decision-makers’ doorsteps, and are firmly dedicated to a better care system that leaves all of us looking forward to our 19th birthdays. See our work here.


Susan Russell, Former youth in care and Community Organizer @ Fostering Change  / 204-803-3963

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