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Violence in Canadian Schools and Canada’s Responsibilities

CBC’s special investigation into violence in schools began when journalists asked if a national database of student-on-student violence exists, and found the answer to be no. School boards across Canada collect information in vastly different ways, creating a messy and incomplete patchwork of facts and figures. That leaves governments in an unenviable position of creating policy without adequate information.

They ran a survey of 4,000 young people across Canada between the ages of 14-21 and found stark results. Nearly 50 per cent of high school kids don’t report violence they’ve experienced or witnessed. 41 per cent of boys say they were physically assaulted at high school; 26 per cent of girls say they experienced unwanted sexual contact at school; and one in four students first experienced sexual harassment or assault before Grade 7.

The Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children (CCRC) recently released its 6th factsheet to build public support in Canada before the official review of how Canada implements children’s rights next year. Canada continues to have unacceptably high rates of violence against children.  Implementing Article 19 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which focuses on prevention, would help. International evidence shows the benefits of a comprehensive approach.

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