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Vanier Institute article: Spanking as discipline losing favour with Canadians

In an article published by the Vanier Institute, Kathy Lynn, a parenting speaker and chair of Corinne’s Quest, observes spanking as discipline is losing favour with Canadian parents because it is ineffective and potentially harmful to children.

Kathy Lynn details the recent history of section 43 of the Criminal Code, known as the spanking law, and the many attempts to repeal it.

To date 51 countries have banned physical punishment of children, and the Truth and Reconciliation Commission has recommended repeal as its sixth call to action, stating, “corporal punishment is a relic of a discredited past and has no place in Canadian schools or homes.” The Canadian government has committed to accepting all 94 of the TRC’s calls to action.

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In a separate news release, Kathy Lynn notes that National Child Day, celebrated on Nov. 20, offers the perfect opportunity for Prime Minister Trudeau to step up and announce the government’s intention to repeal this unfair law. “We can raise healthy, successful children without ever hitting them.”

In 1991 Canada ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Maintaining a section of the criminal code which permits the legal assault of children means that Canada is not in compliance with the Convention, and the UN has reminded Canada of this fact a number of times.

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