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UNICEF Canada Launches #VoteForEveryChild Campaign

 To ensure Canadians of voting age understand what is at stake, UNICEF Canada is launching #VoteForEveryChild, their first election advocacy campaign challenging voters to make their vote become a vote for every child in Canada and overseas.

In their recent news release, UNICEF Canada says that Canada ranks a disappointing 25th out of 41 wealthy countries in overall child well-being, driven by issues such as poverty, bullying and violence against children. While Canada’s 8 million children and youth are a fifth of the population, with no voting rights they do not get the same opportunity to shape policies that could make Canada a safer and happier place to grow up.

They are calling for the voting age to be lowered to age 16.

You can also send a letter to federal party leaders urging them to act on child poverty, early learning and child care, school nutrition, equitable services for Indigenous children, and ending violence against children.