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Submission to BC Human Rights Tribunal says early intervention is a child’s right

First Call coalition member, the BC Association for Child Development and Intervention (BCACDI), has provided an excellent submission regarding the re-establishment of the BC Human Rights Tribunal framing early intervention is a children’s right issue. According to their submission, “BCACDI is connected to the topic of Human Rights through the programs and services our member agencies deliver, and what the growing body of literature in our sector reveals about the importance of early intervention. Children, youth, and families should have the right to timely access to the supports and services that will help them reach their full potential.”

Highlights from the BCACDI submission:

  • Only 68% of BC children arrive at kindergarten meeting all of the developmental benchmarks they need to thrive both now and into the future- 32% are developmentally vulnerable (UBC HELP, 2016)
  • Day-to-day child rearing in environments characterized by impoverished parent-child interactions, even without dramatic, catastrophic events, may be implicated in adverse outcomes over time.
  • Some may hold out hope that we can compensate for high early vulnerability by increasing investments in the final years of school, in expanding post-secondary education, or in job skills training for adults. However, human development research warns against this hope because it ignores the genetic and biological reality of the human species: the early years represent the unique window in the human life course during which citizens’ physical, socio-emotional and cognitive potential are especially malleable to the positive effects of strategic human capital investments.

Read the full submission click here.