Study highlights social class inequality effects of parental leave policy in Canada

Parental-leave rich and parental-leave poor: Inequality in Canada labour market based leave policies by Lindsey Mckay, Sophie Mathieu and Andrea Doucet, compares access to parental leave benefits between Quebec and the rest of Canada by family income and by its two different programs. Maternal access to leave benefits has improved dramatically over the past decade in the province of Quebec, especially for low-income households. By contrast, on average 38% of mothers in the rest of Canada are consistently excluded from maternity or parental benefits under the federal program

These researchers had to rely on the federal government Employment Insurance Coverage Survey, which is a sub-sample of the Labour Force Survey, for ‘rest of Canada’ data. Disappointingly, the population captured in the survey excludes residents of Canada’s three territories and Aboriginal people living on First Nation reserves.

Read the full study here. 

Source: Child Care Canada