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Stroller Brigades for Child Care, a Federal Election Issue

Let your federal candidates know: Families and Early Childhood Educators are in this together. We all want the same thing; quality, affordable and accessible child care, and decent wages for educators.

The $10aDay Child Care Campaign is organizing Stroller Brigades to make Child Care visible as an important issue in this federal election. There are various Facebook events to mark your attendance.

Did you know: child care funding is managed by the provinces, but a portion of that funding comes from the federal government?  Together we need to ensure that whoever is elected on October 21st will protect the $50 million BC receives for child care – and commit to grow that amount over time so that the $10aDay Plan can be fully implemented.  Families and Early Childhood Educators want the same thing and together we need to highlight the importance of child care and let our local MP candidates know that we need continued federal investment in child care.