Sexism, Feminism & Equality: What Teens in Canada Really Think

Girl Guides of Canada recently released results of a research study by Ipsos Reid that surveyed over 1,200 girls and boys in Canada aged 12-18. The survey found that girls are twice as likely as boys to have experienced sexism. Race also has an impact on girls’ concern of gender inequality. 75% of Canadian girls who identify as Asian, Indigenous, or Black agree that gender inequality is a concern, compared to 62% of girls who identify as White.

Gender inequality extends to the workplace as well, with girls ages 12-18 receiving an average of $3.00/hour less than their male counterparts when both genders are working full-time during the summer. When asked to share how inequality impacts their lives, many girls said that the gender wage gap is affecting them now – and they are worried about how it will impact their future, because they’re well aware it’s an issue for adult women.

Read more at the Girl Guides of Canada and Ipsos Reid press releases.