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RCY Releases New Report: Caught in the Middle

BC’s Representative of Children and Youth released the Caught in the Middle report this week, an investigative report examining the factors that led to the overdose death of a 17-year-old boy with complex needs who spent time in the child-serving systems of both B.C. and Alberta and was moved more than 40 times while in government care.

Romain, a pseudonym used to protect confidentiality, died in May 2017 while placed in an emergency staffed residential resource in B.C. The RCY report found a direct link between the inadequate services he and his family received in B.C. and his death, as Romain was essentially caught in the middle of poor communication and coordination between the two provinces regarding his care.

The report makes six recommendations, including that the Ministry of Children and Family Development ensure a trauma-informed method is implemented in resourcing decisions for children in its care who have experienced multiple adversities in their lives.