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Petition to End Refugee Travel Loan Repayment

For many years, First Call’s annual BC Child Poverty Report Cards have called on the federal government to cancel all outstanding refugee transportation loan debt and stop seeking repayment from new refugees for the cost of their travel to Canada.

Until this year, Canada was the only country in the world to charge refugees interest on their travel loans. In February, the federal government announced refugees will be expected to begin repaying the loan one year after arrival instead of the old policy of 30 days. They also removed interest charges on future loans. Citizens for Public Justice has collaborated with various organizations to write a letter and create a petition to call on the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship to fully waive travel loan repayment for all refugees. As the petition notes, in principle, it is unjust to require refugees to fund their journeys to safety. Take action by signing their petition and support an end to refugee travel loan repayment.