New Research on Canadian Climate Change Education

Seth Wynes from UBC and coauthor Kimberly A. Nicholas used provincial curriculum to rate the provinces on a scale of zero to three in five different components of climate change education. The study saw that in several regards Canadian climate change education is not consistent with scientific understanding.

British Columbia ranked 0 out of 3 on three measures:

  1. We can fix it, focusing on solutions to the climate crisis

  2. It’s warming, the basic concept that the climate is warming and observations to accompany this idea

  3. Experts agree, establishing that there is no debate that climate change is real, significant and human caused

BC ranked 3 out of 3 on three measures:

  1. It’s climate, the foundational principles of climate science

  2. It’s us, humans and anthropogenic emissions are the cause of the majority of global warming

  3. It’s bad, expressing the dire consequences of climate change.

Here is the link to the Narwhal article on the research.
Here is the link to the original research.