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New RCY report on Alex Gervais – A heartbreaking read – And FCSSBC response

Feb. 6, 2017, Bernard Richard, the acting representative for children and youth, released Broken Promises: Alex’s Story. The report tells the tragic story of an 18-year-old Métis youth in care who took his own life in desperation.

Broken Promises: Alex’s Story illustrates how the BC child welfare system failed to act on opportunities to find Alex a permanent home with family and instead left him to drift through 17 care placements over 11 years until he jumped through his Abbotsford hotel window on Sept. 18, 2015. Alex was alone at the time, having been placed in the hotel room for 49 days as the delegated Aboriginal agency caring for him could not find a more suitable option.

The report is a heartbreaking read. It can be found at


Over five years ago, the Federation of Community Social Services of BC, a First Call member, worked with government on a Residential Review report. Released in 2012, the report wasn’t acted on, but FCSSBC remains hopeful that it will now be moved up the government’s agenda.

The federation has made its position clear in the media. You can read their statements in this Globe and Mail article and listen to FCSSBC executive director Rick FitzZaland’s interview on CKNW.

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