Labour conference highlights how good jobs strategy benefits all

A conference held in September 2017 at the Centre for Labour Management Relations (CLMR) and the Better Way to Build the Economy Alliance brought together over 20 speakers from academia, community, government, health, and policy and many participants for – Smart Employers Talk – Building a Better Economy One Job at a Time.

The goal of the conference was to share how providing decent work and good jobs has allowed the ‘smart employers’ to surpass their competition, and ultimately build a better economy for everyone. According to a conference summary on the CLMR website, these employers’ stories demonstrated that supporting a good jobs strategy can result in greater productivity and profitability for businesses, improved job and income security for workers, and decreased inequality and injustice for all.

The contents of the conference proceedings present a new educational research platform, which merges crucial first-hand perspectives from employers that offer decent work with evidence from public health, economic and sustainable investment leaders to showcase viable models of best practices.

Overall, many of the participants reported lower turnover, lower training costs, reduced absenteeism, increased engagement/productivity, increased reliability and more robust talent attraction as a result of implementing decent work practices including secure scheduling and starting wages of at least $15/hour.

Read more about the conference conclusions here.