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Justice, Equity and Culture Report: The First-Ever YICC Gathering of First Nations Youth Advisors

In late 2019, Youth in Care Canada (YICC) released their latest report: Justice, Equity and Culture: The First-Ever YICC Gathering of First Nations Youth Advisors. YICC hosted their first-ever national gathering of 16 First Nations youth in/from care from across Canada in October 2019.

These Youth Advisors shared their stories, grew their networks, and learned about and discussed major issues First Nations youth in care face, including the need for long-term reform of First Nations child welfare policy, access to Jordan’s Principle, and preliminary thoughts on financial compensation from federal Human Rights tribunal orders.

The Youth Advisors created a list of recommendations for compensation and future settlements:

  • There must be safety around compensation;
  • There must be mental health supports and navigational assistance to help youth apply for compensation;
  • There must be continued support after compensation;
  • There must be restitution for children and youth who have died while in care or due to their experiences in the child welfare system, and
  • Financial training for youth receiving compensation should be offered.