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Health Canada Warns of Potential Risk of Pulmonary Illness Associated with Vaping Products

Health Canada is advising Canadians who use vaping products to monitor themselves for symptoms of pulmonary illness (e.g., cough, shortness of breath, chest pain) and to seek medical attention promptly if they have concerns about their health.

The Government of Canada also remains deeply concerned by the increase in vaping reported among Canadian youth. Health Canada has taken a number of steps to address the rise of vaping in Canada and, in particular, the risk that it poses to youth, such as consulting on additional regulatory measures targeting promotion to youth, packaging and flavours, as well as compliance and enforcement and public awareness and youth education.

As an article in the Los Angeles Times notes, “It’s exactly the kind of youth addiction crisis the Food and Drug Administration had warned of four years ago, when it tried to ban flavored fluids for e-cigarettes.”