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Fostering Change Advocacy for Youth Aging out of Care during COVID-19

This week, Fostering Change released a petition to take a stand with all youth who are in care and those who have aged out of care. Many of these youth are missing crucial support in this health crisis, and we are worried the “cliff” is more quickly approaching for our siblings and peers in and from care, especially during and after the time of COVID-19.

We specifically highlight issues of ineligibility for Agreements with Young Adults, Employment Insurance, and survival supports; food scarcity and unaffordability; and loss of professional supports (e.g. mental health and recreation centers).

We also added our voice to this Child Welfare League of Canada news release.The release calls on provincial and territorial governments, and on all agencies serving young people in and from care, to immediately implement the following 4 urgent measures:

  1. Immediately and indefinitely suspend legislated aged cut-offs for youth reaching the age of majority.
  2. Immediately provide free accessible mental health services and maintain family and cultural connections for youth in and from care.
  3. Reach out to those who have recently transitioned out of care and offer additional supports required for their survival, with no eligibility criteria or conditions attached.
  4. When young people come to you seeking housing and services, do not turn them away.