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Five Family Places: Happy International Women’s Day, Mar. 8

To commemorate International Women’s Day, Mar. 8, 2017, Five Family Places of Vancouver released a letter acknowledging the work done by all the women who came before us in advancing gender equality in Canada and around the world.


Family resource programs support the mothers (and fathers) in our communities who are experiencing the joys and challenges of parenthood, and often struggle to find the right balance between work and family. Therefore, we support the $10 a Day Campaign for affordable childcare so that children can grow up in financially secure families.

We recognize the unique struggles and power of Indigenous women who fight for justice and healthy families and communities. We wish to be allies in reconciliation and strive to understand the ongoing impact of our colonial history.

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Five Family Places of Vancouver is comprised of West Side Family Place, Eastside Family Place, Marpole Oakridge Family Place, Mount Pleasant Family Place and South Vancouver Family Place.