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First Call urges Minister of Health Lake to ensure MSP enrollment for infants

In a letter of October 12, 2016, First Call raised concerns with BC health minister Terry Lake about the barriers to the enrollment of Canadian-born children in the Medical Services Plan (MSP) if their parents have precarious immigration status.

We are hearing from families whose Canadian-born children have been denied enrollment because the parents did not qualify for MSP coverage. Others fear making an application to enroll their Canadian-born child because they are undocumented and fear being reported to the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA).

First Call urges the government to direct the Medical Services Commission to waive proof of identity and residency for parents of Canadian-born infants who have precarious immigration status.

Further we call for the commission to adopt and publicize a policy of non-collaboration with the CBSA, in order to remove the fear in parents with precarious immigration status who want to enroll their babies in MSP.

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